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Hellenic Polytheism - Hellenismos - Welcome are all sites about the Greek Pagan Religion / Religio Graeca / Hellenismos. If your site supports a historical

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Hellenic Polytheism - Hellenismos

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Welcome are all sites about the Greek Pagan Religion / Religio Graeca / Hellenismos. If your site supports a historical and reconstructionist approach, be welcome. If your site promotes and preserves a  tradition that has been adapted to suit our modern needs in new lands, then you are also welcome. Share your knowledge and experiences with others.


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   For The Revival Of The Traditional Hellenic Religion Preview Go
This religion has survived as an underground faith for many centuries. We think that time has come that it be resurrected at its homeland.
   Hellenic Astrology and Religion Preview Go
This is a blog about Classical Greek Paganism (both Hellenic Paganism and Hellenistic Reconstructionism), Pagan Theology, Apologetics, and Classical Greco-Roman Astrology written by a Pagan Chaplain. It is also hoped that this blog will help others live out their Greek or Roman Paganism in today's world.
   Devotion: A Shrine to the Gods of the Greeks Preview Go
Prayers to the Greek gods.

   Hellenic Pagan Midwest Preview Go
A gathering place for those in living in the Central and Great Plains states in the US, with an interest in Hellenic Reconstructionism, plus a few thoughts about the direction that the Hellenic Pagan community is taking.
   Hellenic Paganism Explained and Explored Preview Go
Justin's personal Hellenic Pagan site. Explores Hellenismos both generally and from a Neoplatonic perspective, with links to pages from differing perspectives.
   The Dionysion:A Virtual Shrine to Dionysos theLiberator Preview Go
This website is created and maintained as a Votive Offering to Dionysos the Liberator by Lysiodoros His Priest. This site is dedicated to serving as a general resource for votaries of the God Dionysos and His Mysteries, and as a specific resource for the thriving Pacific Northwest Dionysiac community and for the Alexandrine Temple of the Hermetic Fellowship, located in Portland, Oregon, USA.
   Thiasos Olympikos Preview Go
Hellenic Polytheism. Calendar of events, texts of rituals, reviews of music, film and theater, sport; links to other sites of interest; a great deal of material, hopefully presented with clarity and amusement. A Serious Religious Site, not a joke.
   Religions et Mythologies par Fabrice Mrugala Preview Go
Site d'informations sur les diverses religions et mythologies, informations glanées au fil de lectures et de balades sur internet. Liste de dieux.
   The Temple of Asklepios Preview Go
Site devoted to Asklepios, Greek god of healing, including an online shrine where devotees may leave virtual prayers and offerings.
   Startoluv Preview Go
Greek Paganism, mithology, dionysis. Philosophy,

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