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The Civil Rights Webring - The world needs civil rights for all nations! Join the Anti-Globalization movement and help get women out of sweatshops

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The Civil Rights Webring

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Manager: lilithezine
The world needs civil rights for all nations! Join the Anti-Globalization movement and help get women out of sweatshops run by U.S. corporations. The Anti-Globalization Movement is here to stay and we WILL win! - People have the right to live, the right to speak their mind and the right to privacy and security. People have the right to freedom, the right to rise up against their oppressors and the right to fight for their freedom. People have the right to their beliefs and not to be persecuted for them. Feminists, social activists, gay/lesbian rights, civil rights activists.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes. Let The Trumpet Sound! The words of Martin Luther King, Messanger Of God....
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Fighting For Women's Equality - Fashion Models Go Topless, So Why Can't We?
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Paper, gunpowder, the Great Wall, the world's largest economy, tea, Chinese exports, history and a lot more.

The New Federalist believes that the Federal Government is taking away our rights, our property, and our wealth and that the United States is now two countries. One side is socialist and government while the other side believes in capitalism and the republic that the founding fathers gave us. Socialism and republican self-government cannot exist in the same place and time and sooner or later the issue will have to be decided. The only alternative to revolution is a peaceful secession dividing the United States with each side going its own way. This website represents my blueprint for peaceful secession, a new Constitution for seceding States based on the best of the United States and Confederate Constitutions, and other clauses collected from the internet and outside research. I fear that unless we return to the Republic that the Founding Fathers gave us or freedom
   Power of the People! Preview Go
Madeline Althoff's postings, commentary, and discussions on peace, freedom, civil and human rights, economic justice, and other aspects of the Power of the People.
   First Nations Commission On Civil Rights Preview Go
We provide free legal information concerning the Civil Rights of First Nations People. We also will provide many links to other laws pertaining to American Indian People. While the focus of this site is Civil Rights, we do not do legal representation in any area.
   The Magnus Hirschfeld Centre for Human Rights Preview Go
The Magnus Hirschfeld Centre for Human Rights, founded in 1986, is a non-governmental organization engaged in political advocacy on behalf of and providing legal representation to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered persons, their allies and their communities, and to others whose human rights - guaranteed by international law - have been threatened or violated.
   Harry Young--No Farm, No Justice Preview Go
Middle class black farmer seeking justice. Family farm owned by Young family for over 100 years was illegally auctioned by Farm Service Administration in 2005.
   World Libertarian Order Preview Go
Worldwide organization stressing natural sequence in attainment of peace on Earth. Absolute individual liberty with race and culture preservation, leads to prosperity, which in turn leads to peace. Establish free enterprise everywhere. Ongoing prosperity and peace will then follow naturally.
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