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Bad Government - This webring contains a collection of websites revealing the insidious nature of government in America. GOVERNMENT IS NO

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Bad Government

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Manager: lazarst
This webring contains a collection of websites revealing the insidious nature of government in America. "GOVERNMENT IS NOT REASON; IT IS NOT ELOQUENCE; IT IS FORCE! LIKE FIRE, IT IS A DANGEROUS SERVANT AND A FEARFUL MASTER." - GEORGE WASHINGTON

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   Support Your Troops...Bring Them Home Preview Go
Who is responsible for the rise in the suicide rates of our young troops during the Iraq war? Does the blame fall to the one man, the leader of a free and educated nation, or to the people of that nation for falling for his lies?
   Judicial Immunity Revisited Preview Go
Originally a letter from THE JAILHOUSE LAWYER to Ron Branson. Ron is the founder of the nationwide organization know as "JAIL4judges" THE JAILHOUSE LAWYER discusses the issue of judicial immunity and the need to return the Judicial branch of government to the original constraints as outlined in the Federal Constitution.
   Bad Government Preview Go
The Sorry State of the U.S Government

   Give Me Liberty Preview Go
This site is a treatise advocating a laissez faire market economy and individual rights. It details the true and secret history of America, which includes the fraud of the Federal Reserve System.
   Libertarian Nationalist Revolution Preview Go
Brief summary of how absolute individual Liberty and free enterprise can solve every problem on Earth without injustice to anyone. Principles apply equally to all countries.
Do you value your life! It's about losing our human rights, spirituality & the peole controlling our planet (who fool scientists & everyone too). These people create a lot of stress for us through power, stress & needs. A lot of our needs aren't necessary, if only we learn to relax, be spiritual and not materialistic. We can take back our power, by knowing how we ar
   Cupiderosbooks.blogspot.com Preview Go
Random Thoughts On Spirituality, Mysticism, Art, Fashion, Music, My Poetry And Fiction Books For Sale, Random Thoughts On Photography, History, China And More. www.cupiderosbooks.blogspot.com/
   Hold The Phone Preview Go
Encouraging people to boycott AT&T, Verizon and Bell South in protest to their participation in the NSA warrantless wiretapping program.
   The X-Files Wing Preview Go
   Cancer Research a Fraud? Preview Go
It is amazing to find how many of this nation's leaders own stock in the major pharmaceutical corporations. Could they be filling their pockets at the expense of human life?

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