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1) My Dragon Ball Yaoi fanfic saga: "A Tail of Two Saiyans" Rating: X/NC17 Pairings: Goku/Vegeta, Vegeta/Goten, Trunks/Goten, Goku/Trunks Genre: Yaoi/lemon/lime/romance/suspense Summary: What happens when a rare full moon planetary conjuncture brings our heros superior new powers & some startling changes? What will happen to their love lives? Expect the unexpected. *Uncesored version!* It is a blog, remember. (Other stories may be added at any time.) ******************************* 2) *NEW FEATURE: DB YAOI FANFIC CIRCLE*: Connecting to my blog, we can form a circle where we can exchange fanfics and help each other improve our writing, to later promote them from our circle. Details on my blog soon! Like it
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