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Historical Miniatures Wargaming Ring - A ring devoted exclusively to historical miniature wargaming and allied materials.

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Historical Miniatures Wargaming Ring

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Manager: hmw1863
A ring devoted exclusively to historical miniature wargaming and allied materials.

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   Historical Miniatures Wargaming Resource Site Preview Go
This site is dedicated to providing rules, scenarios, uniform information, figure reviews, and research information to historical miniatures wargamers. It covers all periods, but currently focuses on the French Wars of Religion, Spanish-American War, Mexican Revolution, and Linear Warfare/Tricorne p
   ACW Scenario Archive Preview Go
A collection of free American Civil War miniature rules & scenarios.
   Panzer Combat II Preview Go
Panzer Combat II is a miniature wargame of WWII (World War II) ground combat. The game is suitable for all scales as distances are measured in multiples of the length of a Sherman tank. In 1:48 scale, which found renewed interest from manufactures like Tamiya and Gasoline, the Sherman length corresponds to 10 cm.

   Wargamedownloads.com Preview Go
The Internet's resource for downloadable games and gaming materials. Games, research and reference materials for gamers and developers. Print and play today. Wargames, miniatures rules, paper models, terrain, and military manuals.
   Hunters in the Sky Preview Go
Website featuring the free WWII air combat rules, "Hunters in the Sky". Also includes WWI and Star Wars variant, with more to come.
   Bob Bergman's Wargaming Site Preview Go
Personal wargaming site with free rules for ACW, AWI, Napoleonics, and Indian Mutiny.
   North Coast Wargamers Preview Go
North Coast Wargamers' Civil War in 15mm site! Includes FREE Gettysburg scenario and spectacular pictures of ACW miniature gaming on great-looking terrain!
   DeckerGames Preview Go
Napoleonic Wargames
   Wargaming World War 1 Preview Go
Wargaming World War 1 used to be in 2 formats: naval, and large formation ground combat. Recently in the last couple of years some breakthroughs have occurred in rules and gaming pieces that have expanded WW1 gaming choices. This site was created to help promote these "breakthroughs" and hopefully encourage gamers to try them. Also on this site are "other projects" I'm cu
   Tabletop mit Plastikfiguren Preview Go
This site is focused on wargaming with 1/72 plastic miniatures. Main interest lies in colonial and ancient periods. Site is in german!

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