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Everything Military - MILITARY LINKS - JOIN NOW! Air force, Navy, Army, Military History websites. Militaria, collectors, wargames, military b

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Everything Military

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Manager: mark_churms
MILITARY LINKS - JOIN NOW! Air force, Navy, Army, Military History websites. Militaria, collectors, wargames, military books, magazines, computers, miniatures, arms, armourers, medals, guns, muskets, swords, artillery & weapons. Military artists/galleries. Napoleonic, Civil Wars, soldiers, generals, officers, Wild West, Battlefields. Ancient Greek/Roman, medieval knights, World Wars, WWII, American/British/ Regiments, naval, US/Royal Navy battleships, aircraft carriers. Clubs & Associations.

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   Find Iowa Class Battleships Art Prints, MarkChurms.com Preview Go
Great Naval Art for You Today! NEW World War Two & Persian Gulf War military prints of Iowa Class battleships, WW II US Navy cruisers, aircraft carriers, destroyer escorts, APD's, LCVP's. USS Pennsylvania BB-38, Langley CVL-27, Wisconsin BB-64, Yorktown CV-5, Missouri BB-63, Raymond DE-341, Sacramento AOE-1, Leyte Gulf, kamikazes & more. Prepar
   FREE Military Art + Zulu War at MarkChurms.com Preview Go
FREE Military Art for You to Enjoy Today! Plus Zulus at Rorke's Drift. The Martini-Henry rifle versus Assegais. British infantry 2nd Battalion, 24th Regiment of Foot and Victoria Cross (V.C.) recipients: Dalton, Lt. Chard, lieutenant Brodhead, color sergeant Bourne, corporal Allen, privates Hook, Hitch, Jones, Williams etc. Charge into battle! Click Now
   Napoleonic art from top military artist Markchurms.com Preview Go
FREE Napoleonic art from artist Mark Churms. Fine paintings and uniform studies.Plus many fine art prints of Napoleon's Cavalry and infantry, Cuirassiers at Waterloo, French Carabiniers & Saxon Guards at Borodino, Eylau, Nelson at Trafalgar, Dragoons in the Peninsular campaigns, Wellington, Scots Grays, fusiliers, grenadiers, voltigeurs and more. MarkChurms.com,

   Find US Navy Battleships of WWII at MarkChurms.com! Preview Go
FREE Naval Art for You to Enjoy Today! Plus military prints of USS Pennsylvania BB-38, W.W. II US Navy battleships, cruisers, aircraft carriers, destroyers, APD's, LCVP's, warships including U.S.S. Baltimore CA-68, Langley CVL-27, Wisconsin BB-64, Sacramento AOE-1, Missouri BB-63, HMS Victory & more. Prepare for action! Click Now.
   Last Stand for Davy Crockett1836. The Alamo Art Prints Preview Go
David Crockett fights at sunrise with Tennessee irregulars at the barricades of the Alamo, Texas. Long rifles repel the first assault of General Santa Anna's Mexican infantry soldiers against Texians and American volunteers garrison in this famous last stand battle. Art prints & picture postcards! Oil paintings & drawings by historical artist Mark Churms. Museum quality picture fra
Featuring Fine Historical Aviation and Military Artwork by Randy Green. You may purchase original paintings, limited-edition prints, posters, and puzzles through our online site with PayPal's secure purchasing program for your convenience. Visit www.randygreenart.com
   German Iron Cross Preview Go
www.IronCross.org is an archive and memorial website dedicated to those awarded the German Iron Cross in all its classes. Though the site is in it's early development stages we hope to make it a top resource for family members, historians and others who want to keep the memories alive of the these German Heroes.
   Books about the American Revolution Preview Go
Site gives an extensive list of books about the American Revolutionary War, currently available (in print), compiled by a librarian.
   Free Art + Find Military Prints at MarkChurms.com Preview Go
FREE Art for You to Enjoy Today! Military History Prints and paintings of military leaders, soldiers, cavalry, battleships, & more. From the battles of Alexander the Great and medieval knights to Napoleon at Waterloo, Custerís Last stand, Rorke's Drift and Zulu War, WWI infantry, US Navy in WWII, Gulf War and beyond. Charge into battle! Click Now.
   See USS Yorktown CV-5, 1942! Coral Sea & Midway Preview Go
The famous WWII aircraft carrier, Yorktown CV-5 (paint scheme - Measure 12 ) is at anchor at Tonga in the Pacific before the Battle of the Coral Sea. Her next valiant action will be her last. She will be sunk at the Battle of Midway by a combination of Japanese air strikes and submarine torpedoes in 1942. See more...

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