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The Hall of Justice - Superhero RPG WebRing - This WebRing is dedicated to Superheroes and  Role Playing Games.  If you have a site that's dedicated to Superhero RPG

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The Hall of Justice - Superhero RPG WebRing

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Manager: njjimf
This WebRing is dedicated to Superheroes and  Role Playing Games.  If you have a site that's dedicated to Superhero RPG's regardless of the system than this WebRing is for you.

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   SkiffyNova Preview Go
An online community dedicated to superheroes, comic books, role playing games, science fiction, paranormal topics and general discussions. Community members also write superhero and science fiction-themed fan-fiction, short stories, poetry and share thoughts and critiques, fan-art and any creative concepts.
   The Paladins' Keep Preview Go
This site is dedicated to the exploits of the super-powered defenders of Detroit, The Paladins. The site contains links, and hero and villain write-ups.
   Justice Reborn Preview Go
The Justice League has been reborn. This role playing community is looking for those heroes lost to return to the Watchtower and fight evil. This site is a mature site for 18 years and older only with elite role players.

   Virtual Fantasy Creations Preview Go
This site is an overview of the Champions universe created by my friends and I. Here you will find Character Write-ups, Histories, Artwork and much more.
   Patric's Unofficial Site for Brian Wong's Watch Tower Preview Go
A site by one of the players in Brian Wong's Watch Tower tabletop campaign. Patric is also a co-GM and is helping shape the campaign world.
   X-Men Not of This World Preview Go
X-Men Not of This World is a play by post roleplaying game set in a world inspired by the 'X-Men' movies, and the 'Wildcards' books.
   Justice Force Preview Go
In this dice orientated, modern superhero play by post RPG, not only do you design character stats, details and biography, you also even get to design your own powers with unique rules.
   X-Resistance Preview Go
Join as an X-Men and help save Professor Xavier, or join as an Original Character as a citizen of Genosha. Join, play, and decide at X-Resistance.
   The Unofficial DC Heroes JLA Source Page Preview Go
Hero and villain writeups, guide to the Watchtower, plenty of links, and a gallery. All of interest to JLA fans and DC Heroes fans.
   More Action Fun Preview Go
The year is 1932. The world needs heroes. Before the Golden Age of heroes, one group stepped in to fill that void and disappeared into the mists of history. This is their story. This site is for a MEGS (DC Heroes) campaign, with conversion notes for Hero and GURPS.

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