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Historical Miniatures Wargaming Ring - A ring devoted exclusively to historical miniature wargaming and allied materials.

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Historical Miniatures Wargaming Ring

Manager: hmw1863
A ring devoted exclusively to historical miniature wargaming and allied materials.

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Fun with Persians - 04/15/2013

It's been a good week for me. I've met a new group of guys in my city (Richmond, VA) who play historical wargames and when I met them, one of them noted that he had a Greek hoplite army. I have a hoplite army too, as you know if you read this blog. But you may know that I also have a Persian army (it's been sitting around for a year), and Persians vs hoplites sounded like a better battle than hoplites v hoplites, although there's plenty of historical precedent for that and I'm sure we'll play one of those soon. So, Persians in two weeks, eh? I strategically ordered some figs from Sergeant Major miniatures to beef up the front line. They would go well with the Indians and Assyrians I picked up in the last couple of months. An Achaemenid Persian army would have had a wide variety of ethnicities,, each in his native dress and bearing the weapons of his culture. To me, that gives me license to sweep together any cool looking Middle Eastern figs that I want, even these anachronistic Indians (actually sold as rebels from the British Imperial era). In my army they became the Indian fanatics, a real workhorse of a unit. Note the difference in paint job quality between the guys in the yellow shorts and the guy in the white. That's my improvement over a year and a half. Note also the purple skin undertones. Crazy but it works for me. Assyrian slingers, may have already posted these blokes. Hilariously, I almost lost three of these guys in my freezer. I had put them in there to mak...

Fun with Persians

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